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» please feel sorry for me!!!
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« Back to Button Pusher! 11/10/2019 at 15:58 2 0 #207 Icon showing author of the current post: sharkyx sharkyx
Posts: 38 User

so i play low stakes 60p spins high variance slots

usualy chuck in 50 or 100 max for a session

as normally lose due to such high variance slots like bonanza..goldmine..book etc

i do this as usualy if you bonus a couple slots you can get a cashout prob 3 outta 10 times

if you get a bonanza and a good gates or full screen book

so today i have

5 x bonuses on bonanza

3x bonuses on danger

1 x bonus on book

2 x bonus on goldmine

never got to anything like cashing out!!!

this was the best run of bonuses on 60p stake i ever had and every one paid nowt lol

sat scrathing my head thinking i ran like a god and balance zero lmfao

12/10/2019 at 19:15 1 0 #393 Icon showing author of the current post: CraigSlots CraigSlots
Posts: 709 Wanker

I know the feeling exactly. Mate it is tough out there right now, beyond words!!!!

Even when we get bonuses they pay 10x or nothing. It's 100% getting worse since years ago.

17/10/2019 at 04:57 1 0 #462 Icon showing author of the current post: RogertheRabbit RogertheRabbit
Posts: 40 User

They are definitely getting worse, especially the FOBTs, fortunately I don't go in as much since the roulette was cut as you can't really win big on FOBT slots, the jackpots are rare and most time the bonuses are shite and it just drains your wallet. Trouble is they are everywhere and unlike online slots you can't just do a blanket ban and stop, they are on streets, motorway services, everywhere.

Used to have problems driving past a motorways services everyday, my car would just drift in to the park and I would walk out an hour or two later not even having had a coffee :-) Tried to ban myself without success, the 18 year old girl behind the WH Smith counter had no idea, the guy running the slots was unhelpful and who the hell carries a photo in their wallet and wants to stand in a busy services anyway filling out a form in front of a dozen people saying "I have a gambling issue here"

Master plan - went in 3 nights in succession, nobody on the machines, turned them all off :-) All of a sudden the douchebag who didn't want to help me block myself appeared and told me I as banned :-)

17/10/2019 at 09:06 0 0 #465 Icon showing author of the current post: Jimbocasino Jimbocasino
Posts: 867 Den Owner

Hahaha roger that's Genius!

Should of gone in put a out of service sticker over all the note feeds :D

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