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responsible gambling

Under 18? (or the gambling age in your jurisdiction?)

If you are under the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction but you have found a way to gamble anyway, you should immediately tell your parent or guardian. It is not your fault and you will not be blamed for it. Please show your parents or guardians this page.

Parents/Guardians: speak with your child and ensure they understand the ramifications of gambling and the impact it can have on anyone and their family at any stage of life. There are plenty of resources available on underage gambling online, both about the psychological effects it can have and the legal ramifications of it.

Problem Gambling

Playing Casino games can be fun, and everyone has a different way of playing. These ways range from low budget non damaging play that has no impact on the gamblers life, to full scale addiction that can lead to homelessness, hunger, thirst and death. We care about everyone who suffers from any kind of gambling addiction and want to do our part to ensure that we help.

Do you have a gambling problem?

It can hurt to be told you have a gambling problem, and equally you may not want anyone else to know and keep it a secret. Both of these ideas suck. If you feel you want to keep it a secret, you probably have a problem.

So you have a problem - now what?

You can get various software titles for all platforms to stop access to gambling sites, and a search for such titles is linked here.

The road to recovery!

Do not feel ashamed about self excluding, your mental health and your wallet(or purse!) will thankyou! If you find yourself thinking about gambling, unable to shake it from your mind, you may find playing in the 'for fun' mode helps to scratch an itch, or you may find it makes it worse. You may also find that observing others - such as streamers - (both winning and losing) helps you to feel better. Especially when you can feel a portion of the excitement from the wins the experience, but also suffer none of the losses they endure.