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« Back to General Discussion 14/09/2023 at 22:51 0 0 #15009 Icon showing author of the current post: pokersmasher pokersmasher
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I see that the launch date for Vikings Unleashed Reloaded and Money Train 4 are almost upon us.

The Vikings Unleased Reloaded Game is just absolutely crazy and just seems like a step too far and the gambles in the bonus just appear too brutal. A few people will lose a bundle for sure.

No doubt the "monopoly money streamers" will all max the ways on the first day it is released but this has got to be a game that preys upon addicted gamblers (and even more so that the original Vikings Unleashed that is way too brutal as well) Any bonus that gives you 24 chances to lose on a pie chart before achieving the top bonus is way too dangerous to spice up even further.

I am not sure how they thought they could the next improve Money Train variant and quite frankly I am not bothered as I find it utterly boring in the base and the bonus is just not worth waiting for anyway.

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15/09/2023 at 07:43 0 0 #15010 Icon showing author of the current post: Weemonk23 Weemonk23
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I stay away from games where you gamble a bonus. Horrible mechanic designed to make the operator more money. Even on BB it's ridiculous.

I used to play Money Train 2, best win over 1,000x but I remember putting near 500 spins through once for a bonus. Money Train 3 plays too slow. I tried 4 on demo. Nothing there that makes me want to play it.

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16/09/2023 at 08:59 0 0 #15013 Icon showing author of the current post: GameRoom GameRoom
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also, Chaus Crew 2 is coming out on the 28th of this month and is out now on LeoVegas 

I played a bit on the demo, they got 4 different bonus buys and extra bets, playing in UK very small chance to get a bonus 

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