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« Back to Crypto 22/09/2023 at 14:10 0 0 #15015 Icon showing author of the current post: Shezzzzzzz Shezzzzzzz
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So forgetting that i had recently Self Excluded for 6 months on BC Game i made a deposit to the site (same account, obviously you dont have to log in to redeposit you just do it direct from your crypton account).

Now i have asked BC Game to refund the deposit and they are refusing to do so telling me i need to wait until my self exclusion is over in 6 months!?

Anything you boys think you can assist with, as stupid as it may be to deposit to a site that you are self excluded on, they surely cant just say tough luck and keep the money?

26/09/2023 at 12:56 0 0 #15016 Icon showing author of the current post: Pilo Pilo
Posts: 235 Developer

HI there.

This is a toughy. I would say. 
I can see from both sides. 

At a high level casino or no casino - when you transfer to any crpyto wallet that isnt under your control, that is final, be it a stranger or 'your wallet on a casino'
From the casino standpoint, they aren't keeping the money, its just basically been put into a savings account with no access. The UK mandates, I think, that you can get it back. Non UK casinos probably do not mandate this.

having said that Im not sure you are without options, dont know what the outcome will be. it could be a technicality that you need to be signed in (2FA and the like) to authorise a withdrawal - and they cant authorise it over email or chat for example.... just wanted to float a few ideas anyways. 

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